Baby doll


Today I wanted to share my baby doll dress. I found this beautiful piece in a little shop not so far from my school at Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. It makes me look like a Russian girl and I love it. Wearing it with black stilettos is always a good idea.

We improvised this shoot while getting lost in those beautiful little streets. For us, Paris is a source of our inspirations, we try our best to keep this mysterious and elegant atmosphere that we love.

I hope you guys will enjoy this article and stay tuned for more to come !







Dress : Cosmo (154 boulevard Saint Germain)
Heels : Asos
Sunglasses : Prada


Take my boyfriend

On this rainy day, I wanted to share our previous shoot when it was still sunny and warm in Paris. So there it is, I am wearing my favorite kind of jeans : Boyfriend jeans. It’s a basic that every woman should have in her wardrobe. I love wearing it with high heels, it is so classy.

IMG_4433 IMG_4331
IMG_4513 IMG_4346

IMG_4385 IMG_4488 IMG_4383

IMG_4558 (1) IMG_4555

Had some fun at the end of the shoot ! My past as a gymnast came back I guess…

All Zara outfit and Texto shoes